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Try our Jump Start Package for only $99 (Tampa Bay, FL) or $120 (Las Vegas, NV)!!

Ready to see and feel the amazing results of Keith Bishop's 6 Week Total Body Transformation Program for yourself? We offer an introductory rate to all new clients for their first week of our revolutionary program with our Jump Start Package. This package includes a baseline body composition assessment and 3 personal training sessions for only $99 (Tampa Bay, FL) or $120 (Las Vegas, NV)!

Our Trainers

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-one personal fitness training is our most popular option. With one-on-one personal training, you receive unique customized ...

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Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training is a great option foryou if you love to work out in a group atmosphere with friends or family while still ...

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Fitness Bootcamp

This is a very low cost option to get you started on the pursuit towards your health and fitness goals...

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Corporate Wellness Training

KB2 Fitness has been able to take the principles and concepts from Keith Bishop's 6 Week Total Body Transformation program ...

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