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About Keith

Keith Bishop

Keith Bishop, a Las Vegas based personal trainer, founder of KB2 Fitness and the newly formed KBishopFIT, has created the most groundbreaking and customizable body transformation experience to date. While separating his time between utilizing his expertise to travel with and train celebrities across the globe, he has founded KB2 Fitness and crafted Keith Bishop's 6 Week Total Body Transformation program.

Keith's passion for fitness was engrained in him at a young age and has played an integral role in his career. Keith has been able to implement the skills he has learned from being a lifetime athlete, pushing his personal boundaries during boot camp in the military, 10 years serving in the United States Air Force, and working in NASCAR, into his body transformation system. The mental and physical endurance needed to overcome working in constant physically demanding careers has given Keith essential healthy living skills and the talent to apply these techniques into his innovative and tailored Total Body Transformation program. Keith Bishop knows what it takes to help others safely and efficiently climb to their peak level of fitness.

What makes Keith Bishop's 6 Week Total Body Transformation dynamic is its ability to transcend all age groups and levels of fitness. Keith has been able to customize his fitness methods to cater to individuals ranging from top models to professional athletes to fitness beginners.

Keith has prepped his clients for a range of projects such as: headline fashion shoots, magazine covers, movies, commercials, television appearances, and even international dance competitions.

As the owner and founder of KB2 Fitness, an on-location personal training service, Keith guides his personal trainers to give everyday people the same celebrity treatment that he has given his top model, actress and professional athlete clientele. The KB2 Fitness trainers provide lifestyle transformations in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home. Keith has instilled in his personal trainers the vital practices and expertise required to implement Keith Bishop's 6 Week Total Body Transformation into every personal training session.

Keith is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.

With his passion for healthy living and his mission to push his clients to their personal best, Keith Bishop is able to create a special bond and a level of trust with each individual in order to create the most dynamic and customized lifestyle transformation previously only made available to his celebrity clients. Keith's success comes from his passion and countless accomplishments in utilizing his body transformation methodology. Are you ready to be his next transformation?