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Jessica Friedland

Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY
Education: Personal Training Certification. Massage Therapy School.
Certifications: WFA
Hobbies: Dancing, Bowling, and Pool.
Favorite Exercise: X-Men
Favorite Meal: Veggie Egg White Omelette
Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza
Favorite Fitness Motivation: Aspiring to compete in a figure competition.

Hello my name is Jessica and I’m a certified fitness professional. I am very dedicated to helping people. Growing up in a part Italian household, portion control and eating healthy was not the norm, but instead large plates of pasta and lots of cheese was. I have dedicated my life to living a healthy happy lifestyle and not let poor nutrition dictate my life. I enjoy being creative in my training not only using the traditional equipment and exercises, but I also love to incorporate dance as part of my cardio programs.